SendMCards FAQ


    The SendMcards calendar is located on the left hand side of the browser in the members logon area.

    If you have not logged in yet, the calendar will only allow you to browse dates. Please refer to following picture for details on user interface.

    Once you have logged in, extra functionality is available for you to use. You will be able to

    • View the current "Top 5 reminder list"
    • View all of your own personal entries "Show All"
    • View any day
    • Add your own entries
    • Delete your own entries.

    To add a new entry you must select which day you want the reminder to be for. Click on the day which you would like to add the entry in. Then add the details of the entry into the add entry text field and click on add. The following picture illustrates the necessary actions to create a reminder named "Go to dentist" on Jan 3rd 2003.

    Along side every reminder there is a checkbox. If you tick the checkbox, then press delete graphic, the reminder will be removed.

    When viewing all of your entries (ie "show all") there will be a graphic named "Top 5" which when pressed will show the current top 5 reminder list. Please note that you will also see "global" events such as popular holidays and celebrations, which are not part of your personal reminders (ie you cannot delete these).

  2. When viewing the top 5 reminders (ie "top5") or viewing a particular day, there will be a graphic named "show all" which when pressed will show all of your personal reminders


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